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About Us

What is Genomics for Aotearoa New Zealand?

Genomics for Aotearoa New Zealand (GFANZ) is an Incorporated Society. It was started by a team of individuals and organisations with an interest in the improvement of peoples’ lives through the generation and sharing of knowledge. Our backgrounds vary from genomics science, to entrepreneurship, data science, open source technology, citizen science, open science, science policy and beyond.

Our Objectives

  1. To promote, research, develop, and apply genomics for the benefit of all society;

  2. To promote and support Te Ao Māori and the Treaty of Waitangi as innate to New Zealand genomics;

  3. To promote and support collaboration on genomics within New Zealand and internationally, cognisant of the 61/295 United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples;

  4. To promote and support education and public engagement in the field of genomics; and

  5. To provide guidance to stakeholders in regards to genomics.

Our Mission

To establish an open, agile, transparent forum to coordinate expertise, tools and training to help researchers remain in New Zealand while uplifting the quality of research and collaboration on an international scale.

Our Vision

Is of a vibrant genomics research community coupled with Māori traditional knowledge which grows the sector providing significant economic opportunities and a variety of career paths for New Zealanders.