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Te Rangi Rangi Kaihoro


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    Te Rangitākuku Kaihoro

    Te Rangi has worked in the Arts, Culture & Tourism sectors for forty years having served his Apprenticeship at The New Zealand Māori Arts & Crafts Institute, at Whakarewarewa, Rotorua under the tutorage of tohunga whakairo Hone Te Kauru Taiapa MBE. During his training Te Rangi worked on two mahau fronts of meeting houses and two fully complete meetinghouses, one uni-secular tribal style for Tuhoe and the other a multi-tribal style urban whare whakairo in Auckland. To do this work one needs to know the genealogy and historical inter-relationships of those diverse communities in order to create an appropriate ‘fit for purpose’ marae. As a master carver he has participated in over twenty marae projects, the last eight meeting houses as the Tohunga. By comparison his master at his same age had worked on over thirty-four wharenui, one of which was the Polynesian Cultural Centre at Laie, Oahu, in Hawaii, before taking up to post as master at the NZMA&CI in 1966. This indicates both the competitive nature of securing major meetinghouse projects due to your personal reputation and recognition of one’s diligence to the art form. Te Rangi has demonstrated both of these attributes.

    In doing these types of projects he gained a lot of experience with interacting with various committees and stakeholders. He applied this experience as one of the founding trustees of the Tuku Whenua Whanau Trust. Amongst other things, this trust is responsible for sourcing funding to develop capacity amongst urban and rural communities by engaging youth and second chance learners in culturally significant art projects.

    He currently is a cultural consultant and researcher. Some of his projects have been: Ngāti Koheriki, senior researcher for Treaty of Waitangi historical settlements, genealogy specialist. Ngāti Paoa (Hauraki/Tāmaki) claims researcher. MPI - Tangata Whenua Roopu (TWR) representative for Ngāti Paoa Iwi since 2009 -2015; representative for Ngāti Whakaue from 2015 to current. Specialist Adviser on Kauri-Dieback Mātauranga Pūtaiao; Numerous other RMA associated portfolio. Te Rangi is currently investigating initiating a PhD in ‘Ecological Genomics’ to inform his ambition to establish a native flora and fauna recovery strategy within Hauraki.

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