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Palmerston North Bioinformatics Meeting

The Palmerston North Bioinformatics Meeting is a monthly gathering of people interested in bioinformatic and computational science to discuss the practice and profession of these kinds of science. It is an informal forum organised and sponsored by The Elshire Group for sharing ideas and helping each other learn. Sometimes it is like a journal club. Other times it is like a practical lab meeting where one presents a particularly sticky problem to solve. It has even been a research collective.

It is held on the 4th Friday of every month (some exceptions apply) from 3 to 5 PM. Participants come from AgResearch, Custom Science, Dragonfly Data Science, Environmental Science and Research, Plant and Food Research, Massey University, and Tea Break Bioinformatics.

Anyone with an interest in bioinformatics science and an inclination for clear, honest, and kind communication about the practice and profession of computational research can attend. We welcome new participants interested in bioinformatics regardless of experience level.There are no dues or fees to be part of the meeting. We encourage active participation!

 View our meeting programmes below.

Others have asked how we run our monthly meetings. We describe what we do and how we do it on this page.