While many of our members are genomics scientists, to work the best for everyone, we need members from all parts of society. By joining GFANZ, you help us break down silos, connect with one another, and enrich the kōrero.
Where society and genomics science meet!

Genomics for Aotearoa New Zealand is a charitable incorporated society focused on the benefits of genomics for everyone.

Genomics is the study of all or most of the DNA of living things. This kind of science has broad reach including: human health, ecology, agriculture, horticulture, climate change monitoring, and more.
GFANZ was incorporated as a society in 2017. The foundational thinking behind GFANZ was developed as a concept business plan for the MBIE. We published that plan on our first site here .

GFANZ Launch November 2017

Today we are a registered charity serving society through outreach, including developing a public bioinformatics platform, and initiating the Indigenous Genomics Institute.

Welcome to our little corner of the web. We are actively developing this site with input from our membership, previous efforts, and things we are doing currently. 

The Library is where you go to get information. This includes definitions of terms, links to outside resources on specific topic areas, videos, and workshops. Things are happening in The Workshop. There you will find the activities that GFANZ is doing as well as those of affiliated groups.

We are keen to expand our Regional Meetings. Just get in touch if you would like to start one in your area.

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Recommended Reading

Karaitiana Taiuru has published a portion of his doctoral thesis Tikanga Tawhito: Tikanga Hou Kaitiaki Guidelines for DNA Research, Storage and Seed Banks with Taonga Materials.

These guidelines are the result of many years of scholarship of the first order. Karaitiana brings the reader through history, explains common misconceptions around language, and provides the context needed to take them  to a place where they can understand the tikanga. We highly recommend this for anyone engaged with genomics or genetics in Aotearoa.

GFANZ Clothing

At the 2020 Planning Hui there were requests for GFANZ branded clothing. We have partnered with the New Zealand based print on demand company Digitees. Our clothing selections include hoodies, tee shirts, and polo shirts.

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Valley Visit

Lisa, Wilson, and Taruke organised a lovely afternoon discussion and tour for Juliet Gerrard, the Prime Minister's Chief Science Advisor. There was a great korero around the challenges and opportunities in this Manawatu Māori farm community as well as those of being the PM's Chief Science Advisor.

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Early Career Researcher Breakfast

Along with UC ConSert, the University of Otago, and The Elshire Group, GFANZ organised and sponsored and Early Career Researchers Breakfast in conjunction with the MapNet workshop. This breakfast was an opportunity for the ECRs to share experiences and discuss challenges.

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Bioinformatics Workshop

GFANZ ran a non-model species bioinformatics workshop in Wellington. Most living things are not model (very well studied) species. Researching these species has many challenges, often including difficult computer analysis requirements. This workshop highlighted potential pitfalls and offered practical solutions.

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Pint of Science 2019

Council members Rob, Lisa, and Simon participated in the world wide Pint of Science event. They each spoke to 'What do I do, Genomics!" at Brew Union in Palmerston North. Listen here!

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Te Ira Moana

GFANZ founding member Te Rangi Kaihoro presented a public talk on Te Ira Moana at Massey University in Palmerston North. This was a great opportunity for scientists to learn from a kind and generous expert. A series of small group discussions followed - making new connections and expanding understanding.

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Planning Hui 2020

Our annual planning weekend brought together the council, members, and friends who were interested in helping plan the direction we are taking for the year.