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The open source platform for scientific and educational collaboration

Welcome to our site!

This project has an important mission of revolutionizing scientific research and educational activities.

Genomics for Aotearoa New Zealand

We are a community of individuals and organisations with an interest in the improvement of peoples’ lives through the generation and sharing of knowledge. We work together at the interface of genomics science and society.

GFANZ 2018 Recap

Much of the GFANZ activity in 2018 was centered around establishment and lots of work was done behind the scenes. These include the kinds of nut-and-bolts activities such as setting up a bank account and the membership management system. We did a number of educational and outreach activities including a conference talk on cloud bioinformatics, an address to the Palmerston North Rotary Club, the inaugural workshop for the Center for Entrepreneurial AgriTech in Canberra, a non-model species genomics workshop in Wellington, and a talk at the Molecular Ecology Conference. Along with ConSert, the University of Otago, and The Elshire Group, GFANZ organised and sponsored an Early Career Researchers Breakfast in conjunction with the MapNet workshop. Working with Catalyst Cloud we started building out a set of tools for automated, reproducible bioinformatics.

In early December, we held our first Annual General Meeting (AGM). This was done by a combination groups getting together in person and video conference links. In spite of a few technological hiccups, it was a great meeting. The members brought a lot of energy and ideas around what GFANZ might become in the coming years. A summary of this will be available on after our site update.

2019 – Moving Ahead

GFANZ activity in 2019 started with a Strategic Planning Weekend in January held in Palmerston North. This brought the council together in person from Friday evening through Sunday mid-morning. Some of the local members joined in for planning and kai. The objective was to take the many discussions from 2018 and the input from the AGM and turn those into a strategic plan for 2019 and beyond. The following are the key high level items for this year.

Key administration activities for 2019
  • Develop a set of plain language slides to describe GFANZ
  • Register GFANZ as a charity
  • Create road map for the development of business and financial capability
  • Migrate the site to a new version of HubZero & do a major update of the content
  • Create road map for running events, networking, and workshops
  • Develop strategies for communication, membership, and fund raising
Key engagement activities for 2019
  • Encourage Mātauranga Māori and Te Ao Māori in genomics
  • Hold Science and Technical events
  • Build a relationship with Genomics Aotearoa to increase mutual impact and avoid redundancy in our efforts
  • Establish global indigenous collaboration
  • Hold networking events for early career researchers
  • Develop cloud computing tools for genomics research

As we move through the year, there will be much more direct communication with the membership. These will include newsletters and notices on the site. These are intended to help you keep up to date with GFANZ activities and opportunities. At the same time, we will be rolling out ways that you can easily reach out to the council and connect with one another.


2019 is shaping up to be a great year for GFANZ! Show your support by becoming a member now.