Why Be A GFANZ Member?

We are the independent charitable organisation working at the coal face of genomics science and society in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Genomic science touches many areas of life. These include human health, plant and animal breeding, understanding wildlife for ecology and conservation, and fighting climate change. This year, we have seen how genomics has helped track COVID-19 and produce vaccines in record time.

GFANZ is here to help everyone enjoy the benefits of genomics science. One way we do this through is education and outreach which brings communities into the kōrero. This way we can shape our activities to those things that matter to people. Our support of the Indigenous Genomics Institute initiative is an exemplar.

We have projects to help make access to genomics and related technologies available (and useful!) by removing barriers, reducing costs, and demonstrating best practice. Our Public Bioinformatics Platform is a key part of these efforts.

While many of our members are genomics scientists, to work the best for everyone, we need members from all parts of society. By joining GFANZ, you help us break down silos, connect with one another, and enrich the kōrero.

We have made our membership subscription fees much lower than many societies to make it easy for people to join. At the same time we recognise that things are difficult for many these days. If membership fees would be be a hardship, please let us know and we will work something out.